Our trained and dedicated staff assists in the process involved for evaluating your child every step of the way.  At each stage, the parents are provided with maximum support and guidance.

Process for initiating Multidisciplinary Evaluation:

  1. Written request submitted to the New York State Department of Education – Committee on Preschool Education (CPSE)
  2. CPSE issues consent form to be signed by the parents (C-1P form)
  3. Scheduling and Completion of all necessary evaluations.
  4. Submission of all evaluation reports to CPSE and parents/guardians.
  5. CPSE Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting.
    • At this meeting, the final decision about frequency and duration are discussed and determined.
    • The parent/legal guardian is an essential participant at CPSE reviews.
    • If invited by the CPSE or the parent/guardian, a representative of Kids Unlimited will participate in the CPSE meeting.

Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Evaluation includes:

Physical/Medical annual physical
Social History prenatal, natal and developmental history of a child
Psychological assessment of a child’s cognitive development
Speech/Language Therapy assessment of the child’s speech (production of sounds and intelligibility) and language (comprehension and ability to express self)
Occupational Therapy assessment of the child’s fine motor skills (i.e. holding utensils, writing, tying shoe laces, etc.)
Physical Therapy assessment of the child’s gross motor skills (i.e. manipulating steps, running, jumping)
Special Education Evaluations assessment of a child’s academic skills

*In order to provide a thorough assessment, further evaluations might be recommended.  Such evaluations might include audiological testing (hearing), Otolaryngologist assessment (ear/nose/throat) and so forth.

Upon completion of all of the required assessments, parents will be informed of the child’s strengths and areas of difficulties pertaining to each area of development.  If in the opinion of Kids Unlimited’s professionals the child may be designated by the CPSE as a ‘preschool student with a disability’, our personnel will review the range of special education programs and/or services which could meet the child’s needs in the least restrictive environment. Families are reminded that only the CPSE and not Kids Unlimited will determine if the student qualifies for special education programs/services. If the CPSE finds that the child is a ‘preschool student with a disability’, the Individualized Education Program (IEP) developed by the CPSE will identify the type, frequency and duration of any special education programs and/or services. No special education programs or services will be provided without the parent/guardian’s consent.

Bilingual evaluations are available.